Dryer Optimisation & Solvent VOC Abatement by EPM in the Print Industry

Amcor maintenance contract awarded to EPM

EPM have been awarded a 3 year Contract by Amcor Flexibles for LEL calibration, COSHH Assessment and Emissions Monitoring at the Crompton Road site in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. This reflects the confidence that has been built up over the last 3 years when Amcor first awarded an annual Contract.

Duncan White, Amcor Flexibles Works Manager, explained “I have known EPM for many years with my previous companies and knew their capability and the quality of service they provide. When taking over the responsibility here at Ilkeston, I was keen to improve reliability and overheads in various aspects of Production. Although EPM were not originally involved with the optimisation and abatement equipment, I was confident that they would be able to take on the task. We have indeed reduced our maintenance costs but also reduced downtime due to alarms which has been a very welcome saving. We now enjoy a good relationship with EPM on the site and I was delighted to offer them a long term commitment”

If you would like to discuss LEL calibration, Emissions Monitoring or COSSH Assessment then contact EPM at contact@epm.uk.com

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