EPM launch new business in the Abatement Sector

EPM are delighted to announce a unique and exciting new business

Abatement-Exchange.com is a specialised website where used VOC abatement plant can be bought and sold directly.

Freely available technical support to both buyers and sellers make decisions objective and not subjective.

Abatement plant is a significant cost to any business. Increasingly, Clients cannot afford the 'luxury' of specifying new purpose-made abatement. As a result, Clients are searching the used abatement market to reduce costs.

At the same time, there is increasingly more quality used abatement plant becoming available because Operators are expanding, relocating or (sadly) closing.

When installing used abatement plant, getting a good match to the load coupled with the right technology is essential. Of course capital cost is important but a bad match can result in significant ongoing running costs for many years. It is not just about matching the airflow capacity but solvent loading, efficiency, flexibility, etc.

Therefore, looking over a wider choice of plant gives you the best opportunity to get the good match at a realistic price.


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