EPM saves £52k p.a. in RTO running costs

EPM saves £52k p.a. in RTO running costs

EPM reduced the running cost by a projected saving of £52,000 pa of two Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO's) at a UK flexible packaging site that operates five flexo presses.

EPM were invited to improve the excessive running costs after several attempts at improving energy efficiency with limited success. The RTO’s were found to be using considerable gas and rarely became autothermal, i.e. using the using gas instead of solvent energy.

The savings were the result of reduced fan power of £4k and gas saved of £40k by the smaller RTO being switched off and the larger RTO becoming regularly autothermal and reduced fan loading of £8k pa.

This was achieved by the following:-

  • Rebalancing the press dyers to reduced exhaust airflow and concentrate the solvent levels whilst still maintaining drying efficiency
  • Changing the run signal to divert the dampers to the RTO’s from fan run to press printing

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